Have a question about our service? Check out the FAQs below before you hit up our support. Thanks!

Just send an image to our number to start, and the bot will guide you from there!

JPG, JPEG, PNG are all supported. We are working on supporting GIF in the future. Yes, really.

You can, but it's not recommended. Our algorithms resize the photo to best fit a 4x6 postcard for printing, so panorama photos will most likely be negatively affected by this process.

Of course. Our algorithms will automatically rotate a portrait image to landscape format so the original photo isn't affected.

It's just $2.99 per postcard, anywhere on Earth. Interplanetary mail is in the works.

We use Stripe payment links to collect payments for postcards. In doing so, we are unable to see any sensitive information about your payment methods.

Absolutely! We use Stripe to collect payments, so everything is about as secure and encrypted as it gets. We don't even have access to your personal info, and have no idea what your credit card numbers actually are.

It takes about 7 days (1 week) for a postcard to arrive, on average. But once you've finished creating your postcard, we will let you know its expected delivery date.

Sure! Click here.

We currently do not offer any refunds, due to users abusing this in the past. Once you verify that your postcard info is correct and you've paid, the transaction is considered finalized and closed. Please take the few seconds required to review your postcard before ordering. Thank you!

Currently, we only have a US based phone number that can be used to interact with our service. We understand that this can be expensive in some countries, so we will be working on a WhatsApp integration for the future.

We do temporarily store your photos until the postcard is sent. Once your postcard is sent, or cancelled, we delete your photo.

Scammers suck. We won't sell your number to anyone, period.

Send an email to [email protected]